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Frequently Asked Questions

Financial Matters

We accept all forms of payment from credit and debit cards, and from bank accounts.

Our data is protected by 256-bit encryption.

We don't hold the funds. We facilitate the transfer of the money to an FDIC insured account. This means your money is always in a secure state.

At this time, the only way to remove bank and other payment information is delete it. Simply go to the Plan page, click on "Change Payment" and you will be directed to payment settings. From there you will be able to add, edit, or delete your information. You cannot delete payment information if it is the only form of payment. If you want to delete a payment form, you can submit a request by contacting us and we can delete it on your behalf.

You can contact our support staff in order to work out a solution. Keep in mind there is a charge to cover operation costs, in the event a cancellation is deemed necessary. You can request a refund for, but not limited to: unauthorized purchase, fraud, item misrepresentation, item availability, etc. In the case of an unintended purchase we offer the option to transfer the funds to another item you are interested in. Contact us through the link at the top of the page to open a refund claim. Keep in mind when a plan is completed, the customer is now in communication with the retailer and we step away. Everything that happens afterward is out of our hands. For this reason, refunds for products cannot be issued by us, so you must contact the retailer directly.

Contact us immediately if you suspect this activity. We try to ensure that each plan is authentic. If it is determined that a plan was made in a fraudulent manner, we will cancel the plan and refund you the money. Contact us through the link at the top of the page to dispute a fraudulent charge.


The compare feature could be thought of as social voting and is part of the discovery process. People who know you are more likely to benefit you. To use this feature, you need to add contacts and then ask them through the application to chime in on whether you should get one of the items on your wish list or not. Once your friend is notified, they can go the compare page that gives you a frame of reference to make a better purchase decision and vote.

At this time, you can only plan for one item. We may allow for multiple plans in the future.


We are partnered with certain retailers from whom we are allowed to pull listings from. If you want a specific item that is not offered by one of our retailers, you can place special order. If we have to conduct a special order, there will be a charge for processing

You are allowed to change the products you are planning for. In order to change a plan, you can contact us, tell us the new product you want to plan for and leave the rest to us!

We are committed to a positive financial planning experience. The items listed on this service have been verified to be authentic. You can visit the listing page from the retailer to verify the authenticity yourself or contact the seller directly.

This is an automated process. When you complete the plan, we will send you a notification that it is finished and place in the order in your stead. When you finish your plan, a "Buy Now" button will appear on the progress page. On the next page, click "Ship Here" and the item will be sent to the address of your choice. For now, shipping is included, but going forward there are plans to have shipping excluded. The shipping policy is determined by the retailer that you are ordering from.

You will be notified that the item is not available and have the opportunity to change the item to something equal or greater in value. All the funds put towards one plan will be moved to another. For refund details please refer to "What is our Refund Policy?" Tab.

You have the option to continue with the plan and cover the cost of operation for extending the duration for fulfilling the purchase yourself. Another option is getting a refund in the form of a gift card with the amount you saved. You can use that gift card for future plans.

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